At Sentire, we see many leaders facing challenges in these areas:

  • Undefined expectations pose a challenge when finally deciding on a preferred candidate for a job.
  • In general, too little time is allocated for each phase in the recruitment process.
  • Key staff gets tied up solving important and urgent tasks, which puts planned phases in the process on hold.
  • The number of applications for a position is much higher than the recruitment personnel expected, causing extra time pressure.
  • Too much focus during interviews on knowledge and skills rather than personality and views. The latter are often key elements in dismissal situations.

»At Sentire Recruitment, we challenge your decisions and we work with you to find the best suited candidates. We gain an insight into the potential candidates through a thorough evaluation of the personality profiles as well as feedback to the candidates

As a leader, you will:

  • Have your decisions challenged, and you will be assisted in the process of defining the applicant profile.
  • Receive input and help for the content of the job advertisement.
  • Experience a stringent application process in terms of collecting and replying to applications, communicating with applicants and handling requests.
  • Find that our approach for the application process ensures that no potential candidates are overlooked and we are here to see the whole process through.
  • Achieve a greater insight into potential candidates facilitated by the evaluation of the personality profiles and the feedback to candidates.