Mette Havkrog

HR consultant at Sentire

"Through words we learn to understand ourselves and others better. Without dialogue, we do not know what others think and how they feel."

I have more than 20 years of experience within HR, both within the private and public sector.

I am known as an enthusiastic, energetic, and confidence-building person. Many years of experience working with people and relationships have given me the ability quickly to analyze issues and come up with possible solutions.

My specialty is recruitment, personality tests and feedback. In addition, I have extensive experience sparring with managers concerning settlement and disciplinary matters.

Do you need help preparing staff handbooks, contracts and various HR related documents you can count on me. I am also good at concretize, simplify and describe workflows and processes – preparation of workflow descriptions and user manuals.

In need of assistance I can help you with:

  • Planning, implementation and optimization of recruitment and onboarding processes
  • Administrative tasks such as preparation of job advertisements, reports, updating of various personnel systems and working environment issues and staff manuals.
  • Preparing legal documents concerning employees subject to collective agreements, salaried employees and employees at individual contracts
  • Participation in sickness, absence and terminations interviews etc.

Mette Havkrog

HR consultant at Sentire

M: +45 4013 4555

Sentire I/S
Achieve through recognition
Rudboelvej 37
2650 Hvidovre
CVR: 363 220 71


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