Sales Development

Sentire Sales Development is training conducted in sales situations from your everyday life. Training is based on recognized sale with focus on how to make the closing sale, defining line of reasoning and the purpose of the sales meeting.

The sales staff will, based on an everyday sales situation, get feedback on their ability to:

  • Perform structured preparation prior to the sales meeting
  • Target communication to the recipient’s typology
  • Establish value-creating relationships
  • Activate needs through questions and active listening
  • Handle objections, including conducting economic arguments.

Sentire finds that many sales organizations face the following challenges

  • The seller often chooses the sale solution that immediately fits the problem that the customer initially told about. By doing this the seller will not uncover the solution for the entire customer’s situation, and the derived need for a broader and deeper solution
  • The seller is not able to activate the need for choice of supplier, which could draw the customer’s attention to value creation – rather than price
  • The seller communicates as he/she wish to be communicated to themselves and are not competent enough to communicate and handle different types of persons (EASI).


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