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Sentire arbejder med MPA


MPA personality test helps companies to optimize their performance by identifying potential and talent in candidates and employees. MPA helps HR and managers to create efficient workflows for successful selections and to reduce costly staff turnover.

MPA identifies the crucial behavioral traits for success in any given job.

MPA provides relevant insights into the candidate’s personality traits like:

  • Defining goals, influencing others and focus of energy
  • Interacting with others, showing trust and expressing emotions
  • Approaching tasks, making decisions and interest in development and new ideas


EASI is a leadership tool. Intuitive personality testing and evaluation gives an insight into what determine the dynamics of your employees and teams.

EASI create a better understanding of employee communication, relational challenges, personality-behavior correlation and change management issues.

EASI is used for development of:

  • Objective personality testing for all learning and development purposes
  • A hands-on tool and new language for meeting day-to-day relation-based challenges
  • Precise data on employee behavior, employee motivation and the gap between the two
  • A visual overview of employees’ current level of work satisfaction
Sentire arbejder med EASI
Sentire benytter ACE til at måle den enkeltes potentiale


ACE is an ability test designed to assess logical analytical reasoning. ACE predict performance and job success. With ACE, you can select the complexity of a job and measure the potential needed to do the job well.

With cognitive testing, you can quickly evaluate a person’s aptitude for reasoning and learning in both novel situations and through formal training. ACE measure a candidate’s numerical, verbal and spatial abilities.

ACE measure a candidate’s ability to:

  • Acquire new knowledge
  • Solving problems
  • Make effective decisions

360 appraisal analysis

The 360 appraisal analysis gives a nuanced and concrete assessment of how the environment experiences a manager’s behavior and efforts. The analysis provides insight into the manager’s strengths and areas of development, which can motivate and assist in a developmental process.

The 360 appraisal analysis is a tool that, through interpretation and feedback conversations gives an overview of competency strengths and precise development areas.

A 360 appraisal analysis provides input to an action plan that describes concrete measures for the manager to improve.

A 360 appraisal analysis consists of 4 steps:

  • Preparation of questionnaire
  • Selection of focus persons and respondents
  • Broadcasting and follow-up
  • Evaluation and feedback

Note: Only consultant Henrik Byrgiel is certified in the 360 appraisal analysis.

Sentire sikrer den rette indsigt med 360 graders lederanalyse


Facet5 is a test tool that measures, predicts and explains behavior, motivation and attitude for a person or candidate at work. Including how the employee is best managed, individual work preferences and personal strength. Facet5 can be used in recruitment, development and outplacement.

Facet5 is based on the five-factor model “The big 5”.

Facet5 measures 5 elements:

  • Will (Determination, Confrontation, Independence)
  • Energy (Enthusiasm, Sociability, Adaptability)
  • Relationship (Unselfishness, Understanding, Trust)
  • Control (Discipline, Accountability)
  • Emotions (Tense, Concern)


BRIGHT is an online test that measures the customer-service related attitudes and behaviors of potential employees. BRIGHT lets you set specific attitude and behavior qualifications for the job, and focus on measurable service parameters.

BRIGHT measures:

  • Integrity
  • carefulness
  • Sales Confidence
  • Service Orientation
  • Social self-confidence
  • Stress Toleranc
Sentire bruger Bright til at måle på serviceadfærd
DISC måler en persons adfærd på 4 facetter


DISC is a personality test that shows a person’s behavior in different situations or environments. DISC is mainly used for employee development of both people and groups.

DISC measures a person's behavior on 4 facets:

  • D – Dominance
  • I – Influence
  • S – Stability
  • C – Compliance


OPTO is a personality test based on the Big Five model that measures the most important dimensions of personality for performance and job success. OPTO is a data-driven personality test that predicts performance at work. The test is mainly used in connection with recruitment


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