Team Development

Sentire conducts team development with focus on co-operation, value chain and the link between results and relations.

If a team faces one or several challenges, the course is usually initiated with an involved and engaging team activity, where the participants within a given framework must create results as a team.

Possible learning points may include:

  • Understanding of the overall goal and the value of breaking it down into tangible sizes
  • Cross-collaboration through reconciliation of expectations
  • Awareness of the value chain – who are the closest business partners
  • Knowing and understanding the value of a communicated, accepted and adhered set of behavioral descriptions
  • Image awareness as an essential element of performance
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Communication as a means of building trust
  • Understanding the value of having a clear vision and a clear set of company values.

If the individual team member has to understands himself and his relationships better, EASI is used with the person typologies: Enthusiast, Supporter, Analyst and Implementer.

The focus in team development is to give the participants tools and training in communication. Learning to target the typology of the recipient, and at the same time being able to put themselves above their own preferred style of communicating, in order to get their message through to the recipient, create confidence and achieve better results.


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