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From time to time companies find themselves in a position where they need external help to solve HR tasks. If your company is in lack of resources or competencies to solve HR tasks you can hire an experienced temporary HR assistance, at Sentire.

Sentire provides assistance a few days a month or as a full-time solution. Sentire designs a solution that is right for you and your business.

Mette Havkrog, HR Consultant at Sentire, is experienced within HR tasks and HR projects. Whether it is an urgent task or a long-term HR project, Mette will be able to help you out with in short notice.

Mette offers help with specific administrative HR tasks and projects, as well as HR counseling.

Examples of HR assistance:

  • Drafting or revision of personnel handbook
  • Job satisfaction measurements
  • Facilitation of Performance Appraisals
  • Personnel administration, contracts and amendments
  • Facilitation of change processes
  • Onboarding, recruitment and maintenance of employees
  • Participation in difficult conversations such as terminations, illness etc.
  • Facilitation and drafting of process descriptions, user manuals etc.


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